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Happy Couple

Wishful Thinking

My love,

Standing by the bedroom window,

My head rested on your shoulder.

Do you remember?

We were in heaven

A nice breeze caressed our faces.

We were mad with joy and love

You must remember.

My love.

As for me,

I've kept,

Like a precious treasure,

This delicious moment.

You said then, 


Do you see the sun shining?

This is for our love,

Just for our love.

However, if for any reason,

The sun isn't rising for a while,

Our love will be enough

To warm us up.

Maybe all the loves on earch

Will act the same

And will warm up the whole planet.

My love, 


In reality,

Such imaginary event

Was not likely to happen.

But I felt such a great joy

Of getting on the wings of imagination

To listen to such delicious,

Unacquainted poetic, intangible things,

That sounded so sweet, 

So divinely innocent in my ears; 

That struck in my heart

The light of love; 

That brought me,

Amoung ohter things,

A new vision of reality

and the belief in the possible union

Of good and beauty.

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